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MovieBreeze was started by two guys who like to watch movies but don't like spending lots of time trying to find a good movie to watch. If you are like us, your evening time is valuable and you don't want to use a good portion of it browsing lists of uninteresting and unappealing movie titles hoping something will be worth a gamble.


Wouldn't it be awesome if you could be watching a movie personally recommended for YOU within 5 minutes of picking up the remote control? We wanted to quickly find a movie to watch instead of wasting time searching for something while our time window for watching a movie was closing our eyes.

That's when we discovered that we needed an app to help us quickly find awesome movies to watch. We noticed that we often recommended movies to each other and our friends when we felt they would like a movie we recently watched because we knew their tastes and preferences. We also liked getting movie recommendations from friends or even random people we meet.  Problem was, we never really had an efficient way to make note of these movies and save them so we could quickly retrieve them when we had time to watch a movie.

After tinkering around a bit with some prototypes we came up with an app that let us save recommended movies in a convenient Watch List that allowed us to quickly find the movie with one or more movie providers, with less than 3 taps. Now we could actually be watching a movie recommended to us by our friends within 5 minutes of deciding to watch a movie!


If you have experienced the same frustration we did when looking for movies to watch, we hope that you will download MovieBreeze app enjoy using it, but  more importantly, have more enjoyable Movie Nights in the future! 

If you have any suggestions to make the MovieBreeze experience even more enjoyable and efficient, we are always looking for ways to enhance the app. Please don't be shy in letting us know how we can improve.

DISCLAIMER: We take no responsibility for your friends recommending bad movies to you. However, even if you start watching a bad movie a friend recommended, at least you were able to quickly find it with MovieBreeze! ;-)

Thanks for downloading MovieBreeze.


The MovieBreeze guys.

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